Advices to buy or sell real estate in Cannes

Buying real estate is a great investment.
But this project can be tedious and it's experienced team of Real Estate At- Aûm is ready to help you to make it happen.
With our expertise and our knowledge of the property, its market and new technological tools, our advice will help you negotiate the best to buy or sell more effectively.




For the acquisition of property (buy apartment in cannes, apartment for sale le cannet), it is essential to choose an experienced advisor who will provide valuable assistance in your efforts throughout your project.
Before you begin your visit, you must establish your budget concretely in order to have good security and be able to bid at the right time.
We can also recommend a local house credit.
We will help you identify your needs and set priorities for your purchase. (Location, size, number of rooms, etc. ..)
If a property meets your expectations, you can make an offer which will be presented to the seller, we will stay with you in the negotiations until the acceptance thereof.
 Your offer is accepted, we will call or sales agreement will set a date for final signature or you own.
Remember that it takes a period of about two months between the signing of the compromise and that of the final purchase.
We will accompany you throughout this journey and will answer all your questions.



Want to see your property sold (or sell a property in cannes le cannet mougins) as quickly as possible and at the best price.
Each real estate property in cannes is unique and requires the development of a marketing plan and specific staff.
For this, At-Aûm estate will implement this plan with more resources and databases.
By putting your property at market value by sector in the knowledge highlight its best features.
We will discuss all the important details for the highlighting of your sale (performances, exhibitions, etc. ..)
We will select you for potential buyers to better targeting their search criteria.
To maximize your chances, your property must be neutral and as clear as possible both inside and outside so that any buyer can to project themselves in your space.
After organization, we will take pictures and videos will carry out (virtual tours) and we will post in international databases accessible and visible to users (9 out of 10 buyers visited their future investment on the internet)
We know that sometimes sell his property can be difficult and painful and in some cases we are here to guide you and provide you with knowledge to keep you informed on capital gains, inheritance, etc. .. Life
Feel free to call us.
Any estimate is free.

See you soon.
The team Immobilier AT-AUM. ERIC